ToC Reveal - The Internet is Where the Robots Live Now

I'm so very excited to share with you all the Table of Contents for our first Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology - The Internet is Where the Robots Live Now. I can't wait to share this great collection of authors and stories with the world.

  • “Of All Stars, the Most Beautiful” Aimee Ogden
  • “Purchases” Mari Ness
  • “A Fistful of Circuits” Sharon Diane King
  • “Congratulations, You’re Truth” Matt Fuchs
  • “The Dreaded Name” Vajra Chandrasekera
  • “The Maker” Maria Haskins
  • “Messages” David Rogers
  • “Poetry Support Group” Priya Sridhar
  • “The Toymaker’s Daughters” Marie Vibbert
  • “Written in Sand” Deepak Bharathan
  • “The Last Policeman” Claudio J.A. Espinal
  • “What Machines Don’t Know Won’t Hurt” S.H. Mansouri
  • “Shutterbugs” Rhoads Brazos
  • “Jack vs. The Bloody Carpet” Nikki Macahon
  • “Farming Dirt” Krishan Coupland
  • “Not Our Place” Premee Mohamed
  • “As Squids Fall, October Wanes” Kevin Daniel Lonano
  • “Elegy of Carbon” Benjamin C. Kinney 
  • “San Cibernetico” Monica Louzon
  • “In Absentia” Conor Powers-Smith

Stay tuned for the cover reveal. The book will be available for Pre-Sale orders on this website on October 1, 2018.