Hello, Wandering Internet Stranger!

Paper Dog Books is a micro-press run by writer and software engineer Nicole Jacobson.

I started this press to publish speculative fiction at the edge of genre. The "edge of genre", huh, what does that mean? Maybe its more erotic. Maybe its more political. Maybe its more philosophical. Maybe it swims outside the lanes of conventional Science Fiction / Fantasy classification. Maybe it defies easy marketing and standard plot lines to take a swing at being something else.

You know that moment before you step through the door of your house or apartment or trailer or chateau or temple or giant shoe or wigwam or igloo or kendo or federally mandated penitentiary cell and your hand is on the door knob and you think for just one second, just one beat - I don't think I know what's on the other side today?

Maybe its like that.

Let's make books like that.